Baths are available for animals of all sizes. We do also offer lioncut and complete shaves.

Our Hydrosurge Therapeutic Bath System is a unique system in pet bath technology. Your pet will love the relaxing body massage received by a vigorous flow of shampoo and warm water. The Hydrosurge concept uses a hand held massage sprayer, which penetrates the warm bathing solution through the coat for amore thorough cleaning.

Invigorating whirlpool action removes loose hair, dry flaky or dead skin, and other debris for the healthiest skin possible. This system also greatly enhances the effectiveness of medicated shampoos, flea treatments and other products for various skin issues.

For chronic problems we recommend your pet being scheduled regularly once a week for a short period of time, and we believe you will see a positive difference in your pets coat and the way they feel.

Additional services include tooth brushing, anal gland expressions, nail dremmels, and nail trims.

We have taken Boo here her entire life ( 8 yr female American Pitbull) and will not go anywhere else. They saved her life when she came down with Addison's Disease and we nearly lost her. The staff are fabulous and the office extreemely clean. You can tell they really love what they do! Best of all, she loves going there and can't wait. Good thing as she now goes every month for her shot, that keeps her alive. She is also on a weight management program. Ask and try it. It's amazing!!!

Robert W.