Here at Valley Ranch Animal Hospital, we try to make the boarding experience as much like home as possible.

We offer four different sizes of kennel, depending on your dog’s size. Prices differ for each.

  • Small cage (suitable for small animals, 15 pounds and under)
  • Medium cage (suitable for medium sized animals, 25 pounds and under)
  • Large cage (suitable for larger animals, but a run is preferred for those over 50 pounds to allow for comfort)
  • Run (50 pounds and up, or pets boarding together)

We provide bedding to all boarders, and provide complimentary bathing to those who are staying with us for an extended time. Animals are walked three times daily in a grassy area behind the clinic, allowing them to stretch and get some fresh air.

Boarding is by appointment, so reservations are recommended, especially during the holiday season.

Our cozy feline condominiums offer the opportunity for your cat to be comfortable while you are away. You can choose to have your cat stay in a single condominium, or for a nominal fee, you can upgrade, so that your little guy or gal can have more space.

We allow you to bring your own food and toys so that your little one will feel right at home with us.

You can also have your animal’s vaccines updated or inquire about an exam. Just let the receptionist know when you check in. We do require that all boarders be vaccinated as directed as well as have a fecal exam performed once yearly.

As a courtesy, elective procedures can be performed while your little one stays with us (ie, dental cleaning, spay, neuter, etc.). Inquire for specific information regarding protocols.

We have taken Boo here her entire life ( 8 yr female American Pitbull) and will not go anywhere else. They saved her life when she came down with Addison's Disease and we nearly lost her. The staff are fabulous and the office extreemely clean. You can tell they really love what they do! Best of all, she loves going there and can't wait. Good thing as she now goes every month for her shot, that keeps her alive. She is also on a weight management program. Ask and try it. It's amazing!!!

Robert W.