dr andrewanderson

Dr. Anderson was raised in Florida and graduated from the prestigious Tuskegee University. He is the proud son of two veterinarians and in August of 2015 he carried on the family tradition and married his wife, Brittany Anderson, who is also a veterinarian. Dr. Anderson has dedicated his life to the art of Veterinary Medicine to fulfill his mission of serving man and animal alike. His Faith in Jesus and love for his family transcend his skill and define who he is at the core. Dr. Anderson believes that compassion and love are always the first tools you must reach for and that all life no matter what size, shape, or form is precious.

Dr. Anderson likes to spend his off time enjoying quality time with friends and family, playing the guitar, martial arts, rooting for the Florida Gators on Saturdays, and 5 animal companions including a colossus Doberman named Optimus Prime.

We felt very comfortable leaving her with them for a couple days as they treated her until she was ready to come home.

Coleen E.