dr sarah schmidt

Dr. Schmidt grew up in Buffalo, NY. Her interest in animal medicine began while watching Animal Cops on Animal Planet and seeing the shelter veterinarian helping pets that were neglected. At that moment she pursed her dreams of becoming a veterinarian. Dr. Schmidt received her Bachelor’s in biomedical sciences at the University at Buffalo and furthered her education by graduating with a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from the University of Missouri.

While Dr. Schmidt primarily treats cats and dogs, she holds special interests in internal medicine and fish medicine. In her spare time, Dr. Schmidt enjoys being at home with her fiancé, their two small breed dogs (Nestle and Brinley), two goldfish, and about 30 Molly fish! When she is not in the office, Dr. Schmidt enjoys spending time outdoors whether it is hiking, boating, or camping.

Vet Leigh Ann Walters was great, she was attentive and listened to what was happening with my dog and did the necessary tests and ordered the necessary medications for my dog. She gave me many options and explained then thoroughly so I could make the best decision for myself and my baby. Thank you!

Maria R.